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Project Overview

The Town of Silverton is updating its dated Land
Use Code (LUC). The LUC is the set of regulations that guide how development should occur in the community. It is also one of the primary tools used to implement strategies and action items from the Compass Master Plan

The project will take place over the next 12 months with multiple opportunities to participate along the way.

  • Update the Town’s regulations to better reflect and align with the vision for the future of the Silverton community established in the Compass Master Plan;

  • Create more predictable development outcomes by simplifying and clarifying development standards and procedures;

  • Consolidate multiple chapters of the Silverton Municipal Code (Chapter 15, Annexation; Chapter 16, Zoning; and Chapter 17, Subdivision) to establish a more clear and consistent structure; and

  • Make the LUC more user-friendly and easier to understand.

Key Goals of the Project

Project Team

The project is being managed by a team comprised of the Town Administrator, Town staff from the Planning Department and Community Planning Strategies (CPS), and support from the consultant team from Clarion Associates and Urban Rural Continuum (URC).

  • Zoning establishes the legal framework for what can be built, what types of buildings can be constructed, and what types of businesses and activities can happen on a property in Silverton. Zoning promotes the responsible and sustainable development and redevelopment of the land within the Town in accordance with long-range planning efforts.

  • Subdivision is the division of land into two or more lots. Subdivision standards guide future growth and development in the city, ensure that the necessary services and facilities are available, and mitigate potential effects of natural hazards and other site conditions.

  • The Land Use Code includes regulations related to three general topics: zoning districts and uses, development standards, and administration and procedures.

  • Zoning districts are regulations applied to defined geographic areas. Each district has a unique set of standards for how property can be developed that includes limitations on lot size, building placement, and the height of structures.

    Zoning districts help implement the future land use framework established in the Compass Master Plan.

  • Use regulations establish where certain land uses and activities can be located in the town.

    Certain land uses require a higher level of scrutiny (public hearings and approval from elected officials) based on the size, location or nature of the activity.

    Use-specific standards prevent and mitigate potential noise, odor, and visual impacts of certain activities.

  • Development standards set minimum requirements for each part of the physical environment (land, utilities, buildings) that form a development. Examples include requirements related to off-street parking, landscaping, exterior lighting, and natural hazards (e.g., floodplain and steep slopes).

    The LUC adddresses Development Standards to protect Silverton’s life safety, public health, and
    unique sense of place, and to ensure high quality development and predictability and fairness in the development process.

  • The Administration and Procedures chapter of the LUC guides how applications for development projects are accepted, reviewed, and acted upon by staff and local/elected officials.


    Well-written regulations make it easy for staff, the development community, and Town officials to know exactly what is required for approval of applications and help ensure consistent and predictable
    administration over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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